To The Island is a podcast about accidental explorers and unexpected encounters in remote Australia.


Old Nick (part two)

Why did Leonid Kulikovsky seek a new life in Australia and what, exactly, makes someone a member of the Russian royal family?

Old Nick (part one)

When ‘Old Nick’ Kulikovsky died in a caravan park in Katherine, NT, his friends farewelled a quiet, well-read loner. But Nick had been carrying a surprising family legacy, that could no longer stay buried.


To The Island is a podcast featuring stories about accidental explorers and their encounters with new lands, cultures and languages. People who’ve travelled across the oceans (or deserts!) to get where they are, and what they’ve discovered along the way.

Produced in the Northern Territory of Australia, we go off the beaten track a bit to produce audio stories told with a hint of mystery and dash of history.

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Producer Rosa Ellen is a radio-maker and journalist based in Darwin. She has worked as a news reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and as a freelance radio producer contributing stories for Radio National programs. She is co-producer of the SPUN Stories podcast featuring stories told at the Territory’s SPUN live storytelling night.

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Rosa Ellen